Mad cow sure has you fired up :)

You guys are cracking me up. Funny stuff

Are you a patriot if you believe in Quid Pro Joe?

Ladies, make sure your hair is smelling pretty that day. And you may want to consider keeping your daughters home, just sayin'.

Ahh, never mind....Biden won't remember where he's at anyhow.

Steve, you honestly don't know the answer to your question? They ALL lie, some just get most of their lies covered up by the media (Hitlary, Obama, and Biden come to mind) while others (Trump) are just plain idiots.

Here is the bottom line. Instead of hyperventilating like many of y…

Not so sure about that.

Imagine the globe uproar had Steve King said anything close to that

I’ll bet the people in 1884 who experienced flood in Chippewa valley were writing about man-made climate change, right? Oh wait, they hadn’t figured out how to make money off it yet, so probably not.

It wait......every time someone says that storms happened in the past and point out numerous examples of weather events taking place 100s of years ago prior to “climate change” were told that weather isn’t climate. So could it be said that this author is confusing weather events with clim…

The same Mueller report that said no collusion with Russia.....which was yet another hoax? And didn't come to a conclusion on obstruction that 'may have' occured during the investigation of a hoax? Oh I think that report wasn't worth the time or money. How about how the FISA courts used a…

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