Serious Reader

If owners of existing apartment buildings were offered this kind of sweetheart tax deal they would also be able to lower rents.

You're not alone, Winnie.

Excellent article! Wonder why none of the other city officials have had the same thoughts?

Serious Reader commented on Man facing charges after I-35 standoff

A "brief standoff" closed the Interstate for two hours??? Hmmm....

It's Wednesday, and we've finally gotten the print results of Saturday's event. How timely!

Really? Guns--that's the best you can come up with?

What a heart-rending list of reasons why another gym is so essential!

Who will maintain these paintings when they become worn and weathered?

I think you need to do some fact checking, Honey.

Could someone from the council explain Boote's comment about the "prospect of lowering rents across town"?

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