What a wonderful person. Needs to be recognized by the city.

Why would anyone believe Bookmeyer after the prestage fiasco. Bookmeyer has zero credibility anymore.

Its about time. Grubbing farmers think they own everything. All counties and conservation groups should oppose any ditch farming.

You want to get rid of illegals? Fine employers who hire them. But that would hurt the trump supporters.

The DNR is underfunded and staffed. Iowa ranks last in public land and water quality. The republicans under George Bush Jr. took and gave all the money to the wealthy. Be afraid with trump in control. You could see our public lands given to the Kock brothers and corporate interests.

More habit forming than cigarettes? Nicotine has been proven to be as addictive as heroin. Marijuana is far less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. The war on weed has been a waste of billions of dollars and imprisoned millions of people. Take a trip to Colorado or Oregon and see the amo…

This won't change until stink over whelms the million dollar houses on clear lake. Republicans only listen to money. They have no common since when it comes to the pollution these CAFOS produce. This won't be last one built. North Iowa is going to be the center for CAFOS. It doesn't matter…

sadiehawkins commented on Letter: Call upon God today

Who is this god you speak of? Non believers have more compassion than any christian on the planet. We live our lives with out preaching or influence of other fake idols. Religion starts putting fear in to children at such a early age it out to be child abuse.

Would like to know where they all stood on this hog plant? Plus are they going to have a meet and greet type meeting to discuss there vision of Mason City?

I thought no company would consider Mason city after the pig plant failed according to half of our city council and mayor.

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