Surely there is every opportunity to highlight both local bands, which used to be the highlight of any parade, as well as honor our military men & women. A larger presence of military honors could go well with the presentation of our flags in the parade if nothing else. That being s…

I see nothing mentioned here about properly/legally vetting any refugees before they are invited here. Most Americans have a "welcoming spirit" for immigrants -- as long as they come legally, respect our laws, and want to become American citizens.

And a new investigation will accomplish -- what???
Who really cares anymore?

During the 70s and 80s and 90s refiners moved to the coasts because of cheap crude. The oil and pipeline company built the pipelines to move refined products from the coasts to the midcontinent. Now that crude is being found in the midcontinent, we now need pipelines to move crude to the re…

Robi commented on Mary Ann Kopacek

Dance in Heaven my very sweet friend.
Your Sweetie and I will miss your smile, but we also rejoice for you.
- Ann Robison -

So NOW what?? The property gets sold, where does the income from that sale go??

Planting trees in NOVEMBER..............

I also agree with Grassley on this one, but it's a drop in the bucket when considered along with all the other insults(i.e. perks) they have voted themselves. "Serving the people" as they love to call it has become "serving these career politicians" AND their families. Th…

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