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Is this a conflict of interest using a person in an office selling his business????

She has not helped Iowans by supporting Trump. She sold out for her place in the convention. Farmers and Iowans need help NOW, but she's not getting the $4 BILLION she requested, but she does what Trump tells her to do and it is OK for her.

This is a far cry from the $3.9 billion she asked for the state.

Adults aren't wearing masks - GREAT example.

Senator, Trump only does rallies, so don't expect anything less than that when he comes to CR. He's using it as a photo op as he already didn't sign a real recovery action as yet.

Mason City should have used the Clear Lake model of "how to build a home and convention center" and maybe they wouldn't still be "in the beginning stages."

He admitted he was withholding the funds so the ballots would have difficulty being delivered. We should all be suing him.

WHY would you allow spectators at ballgames? WHY? It's bad enough the people in NI don't wear masks, but putting people in an environment where yelling is a constant is absolutely ridiculous.

WHY should private schools and colleges get TAX DOLLARS when they don't pay taxes??? Public schools needs are greater as the private institutions are paid by donors and tuition. Reynolds goes too far once again

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