Put a tax on the owners of all the Factory Farms such as 3.00 for chickens 10.00 for hogs 20.00 for cattle and double that amount if the owners of the Factory Farm are from out of state .

If a few chickens bothers the city fathers of Northwood they should have been here in Ventura the last couple of days and nights you couldn't even go outside . The local major air polluters busy polluting the air from their Hog Factorys I think rather than raise gas taxes a 10.00 a head ta…

His Government subsidy should cover his fines so remember next year to claim him as a dependant on your tax form.

Herd them 5 miles west they should fit in nicely with the Canada geese here in Ventura and im sure they would fit in fine. For sure they don"t foul the air anymore than our local Factory Farms. And just maybe we can get them to chase out all these feral cats that are in town.

I don,t consider anyone that keeps any livestock in pens and kept in totally closed buildings and not allowed outside for fresh air and exersise a farmer!

congratulations to woodford and Michelle I hope it works out well for all.I think No. Ia. Co-op did Farmers Llbr. a great disservice by selling them off.As a rule you never want to bite the hand that feeds you.Just because building is slow .How quickly you forget who pulled the elevator thro…

If they don't believe we have illegal immigrents here they should take a tour of the chicken farms around Ft.Dodge and Galt.

ally i right along with the citizens of Arizona and a lot of others will gladly help at the borders if needed whenever the legal US citizens have decided they have had enough and want their country back.

ally the present administration has been trying to shove all these illegals down our throats for 2 years.and he's sueing arizona for enfocing immigration laws that are on the books. if they are not stopped soon we will have our own version of Libya right here.

I'd like to see what would have happened if they'd wanted to put a 5000 head hog factory there.So Mason City could enjoy it like Thornton and Ventura does.

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