Seriously, NOW they want to do this, when the movie was released in 1989?

As seen also in the case of the City Clerk in Garner, these municipal embezzlement schemes are going undeteced for way too long, in this case FIVE years.

Where is the comprehensive annual audit that should expose these abuses of public funds? I see problems beyond dishonest employees …

@ jane doe - I have real trouble with anything dealing with a pneumatic vehicle tire (in use on motorized vehicles for a little over a hundred years) as a "long-standing religious practice". It's not, period. Buddhist prayer that's been around for a few thousand years meets that te…

Hey first Bank of Mom, hate to throw a flag on the play, but technically all religions were "made up" by someone, including the Mennonite. And as Devil's Advocate says, they don't belong on paved roads anyhow.

So what if I come up with a religion that says I have to drive 100 mph or I am a sinner? Does my "religious freedom" allow me this kind of latitude too?

"Get Educated" hit the nail on the head- destroying or damaging public property in the name of religious practic…

As Aerosmith sung- "Dude looks like a lady". He better back off on the brow-tweezing or he's going to have a tough 15 to serve.

Actually- crows tend to congregate where there is a large amount of free food (dumpsters) and where there are no predators (urban areas). Crow hunting season used to be year-around in Iowa, now it is seasonal. As long as crows can breed unchecked in urban areas and only hunted part of the ye…

laker4ever commented on Burrito Bunker closes

Shortest corporate epitaph ever- "opened on East Side of Mason City"

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