I agree it was pretty low but even if she tried her hardest, and had a lot of help, she could not possibly sink as low as her opponent. He can tell more lies in a minute that most people can in a lifetime.

Any candidate that praises Putin and puts down are general officers scares the daylights out of me. Seems like winning the election is not his goal, just making more money. Country and party are not even in the equations.

The purpose was not to show any racism. However, Iowa is a very sheltered place compared to the rest of the country. Always has been and probably always will be.

No, medical and meat packing plant are not comparable. But, meat packing and moving workers are.

If you vote, you have the right to gloat or complain. If you do not vote, you have no right to complain regardless of who is elected. I can no longer vote in Iowa but will make my voice heard in Virginia. My wife will also. Then we both can gloat or complain.

There is no way to "win" in this year's presidential election. Barring a huge turn around, Hillary will get in for one term. Hopefully 2020 will find someone who is moderate, either republican or democrat, who can get accomplished what the vast majority of the people want accompl…

Don!t forget the Park Inn Hotel, Cecil Theater and hospital across the street.

Excellent thoughts. I have now moved out of the area to Virginia but still feel a mistake was made. North Iowa is farm country and that is where the jobs are going to come from. We do not have the skilled work force for modern manufacturing or other high skill opportunities. However, I a…

SSA can still be contacted by landline at an 800 number. I am 76, have a Tracfone, and was able to connect without problem. Hackers have gotten so good that extreme measures have to be taken, if one of these seniors without a cell phone gets hacked, their loss will be very, very high. SS…

Sound like someone is jealous. Wish someone would pay me that for my BS.

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