JesusIsLord The people you are supporting are anti-American, anti-semitic, and anti-white racists. Shame on YOU and all Democrats fo…

Dear Globe Gazette, do you always suppress people's responses that don't align with your left wing liberal agenda? Make sure you keep posting all of these Trump hate letters though. Can't ever have too many of those.

Yeah, let's keep doing the same thing that hasn't worked for 40 years. Good call Hilary. Make sure to tune in to CNN tonight to get your next thought.

Think for yourself = believe whatever the liberal media tells you. Wake up, dope.

Right on Alyce. This is all liberals can do when they are on the wrong side of every issue. By the way I caught one of Epperly's "shows" awhile back and his singing is even worse than his politics!

JesusIsLord commented on Letter: Cabinet turnover is a circus

What is this the Steve Epperly fan club? Get your head out of his head out of his a$$ 99Percent. TGHL, why don't you private message Epperly and see if he's single. Jesus, wake up people! Trump is a great president and saved us from the Obama/Hillary disaster!

Steve, so many stupid comments it's hard to know where to begin. Saying Obama "reformed" healthcare is like saying Custer reformed battlefield strategies. His biggest "accomplishment" was one of the biggest, most disastrous piece of legislation in history. GDP growth u…

JesusIsLord commented on Letter: Trump's math is off

I'm with Smiley. Blaming Comey and the Russians is beyond stupid. She was a historically bad candidate, and the Democrats screwed up and fixed her nomination. Remember, if not for Comey giving her a pass she would not even been allowed to run. God, why are you always defending Epperly? …

What is blasphemy, sir, is to log on as our almighty God and think you are amusing. I can guarantee you HE does not find it amusing. There is only one person that can claim to be HIM, and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I would suggest you change your ways, unless you want to en…

Let met get this straight, Steve. The top Democratic candidates are washed-up-soon-to-be-in-prison Hillary Clinton, and a 73 year old socialist, and you think the Republican party is pitiful? I pray for your soul.

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