Russian intervention, The Republicans are trying to turn the U.S.A. in to a dictatorship instead of a democracy

What an interesting title to this LTE Alyce Hugeback is asking citizens not to do to Trump, what Trump is a master at Lying and name calling.

Fake milk, fake meat? not for me I am going to eat real meat, and drink real milk as God intended.

This is an area I agree with Emmy Fox, we need the electoral college, Don't take it too hard Emmy, I am sure there isn't much more for you and I to agree on

Thumper, What a B.S. list who wrote that? I know it wasn't The Donald himself, because he can't read or write. One could easily say the improved economy is result of Obama era, and the good economy is not all that good for middle class. Borrowed money is again racing higher. The deficit is r…

What's Trump trying to hide? "NO COLLUSION"?

Trump did more good for America than any other President? I can't think of one positive thing he did.

No I don't want another war, but I don't want to be under Russian control either, and that is the direction Comrad Trump is leading us

I am talking about the situation in Venezuela Emerald pay attention. Once again Trump has shunned his U.S. advisers and sided with Putin

Ok Emerald, once again your hero Trump has cast aside his own U.S. advisers and has sided with Putin. doesn't this concern you ? if it doesn't, it should. I want a president who puts U.S.A. first before Russia .

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