I have noticed that the Iowa taxpayer does not have a seat at the table when Iowa politicians vote for their increases in benefits and wages. I'm a private sector Union member and have yet to meet one of these Union thugs you people mention.

3x ...Your comment is a testament that you do not understand how the system works. The reason there is a new airline service is because of the actions of the manager. I believe the minimum passenger count is 10 per day. Any more than that is a plus as a requirement.. I can also understand yo…

No way am I positive about this, but it sort of looks like the rail road is looking to expand it's switching yard further south which would require the closing of 9th nw. They haven't made any repairs to the rough crossing there, they have crossties and rail sections distributed along the ex…

This city is small enough that you can hear sirens wailing, Mercy's helicopter, train horns, weekend stock car racing, and pyrotechnic shows at the fairgrounds any where you are in town. Just get use to it like anyone who has lived here for years. Focus on bringing good job opportunities her…

Correct me if I'm wrong, social security is Not funded by the government. Hard working Americans have paid in to it from deductions of their wages. The government over the years have taken untold millions from Our funds. It's not our problem to fix it, the government is responsible to restor…

Makes me wonder, You would think the auto dealer would have verified a check written to that amount. How often does a "common Joe" come in and write out a 65k check for a Ford pickup. Besides, the dealer must be pretty proud of that pickup at a 65k price tag.

GOVENOR commented on Rodney D. Hanson

Pat and family, our prayers are for you in these troubling times. Rod was a good friend. I've told Rod that I would work under his hook any day. Great operator and great guy. God Bless the Hanson family. May he Rest in peace.

Paul and Tammy Grouette

GOVENOR commented on Sally Anne Steffensen

Prayers and condolences are for the family of Sally Steffensen in their troubling time of the loss of their loved one. May she rest in peace and may God bless her family.

Paul Grouette, Mason City IA.

GOVENOR commented on Scott Hart

The Grouette family offers our condolences. Our prayers are for Scott, his sons, and the Hart family in this trying time. May God be with you all.

crg58, you are talking about defective autos. My point was car vs pedestrian collisions. Normally you don't hear Chevrolet strikes pedestrian, more like pedestrian struck buy auto vs. Man bitten by pit bull other than man attacted by dog.

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