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Exactly Mr, Miller, another thing that is thrown all over the news is "assault weapons," and automatic weapons. There is no such thing as an assault weapon, they are not automatic and fire the same way as my shotgun, one shell at a time. Automatic guns have not been sold in the US since t…

I don't accept your premise on any of your points. This was a processing plant, not a farm that closed. Next, man can't create climate change, the climate changes all the time, we can't control it, it is a natural even flow from decade to decade for centuries. Eventually we will go into a…

Constitution 2 commented on Who the hell is Colin Kaepernick?: Letter

Another excellent letter! Who could hate Betsy Ross. Originally we were told that Kaepernick was protesting police brutality of blacks in this country. That is not what this is about at all. He hates this country, the people who follow him and Nike are fools in my opinion.

Constitution 2 commented on Steve King would've betrayed Jesus: Letter

It is amazing and amusing to see the Trump and King delusion obsession by people like Young and most democrats. They don't seem to understand that most people in the US don't agree with their thinking. They don't understand that they are a very small minority. The economy and my paycheck are…

In my mind, he deceived the voters that voted for him as a republican. He should return all the dollars her received from republican donors and the republican party of Iowa that backed his election. That would be the "honorable" thing to do. Also the honorable thing to do would be …

The City of Mason City asked for this when they opened the door back up to this deadbeat. It was a dumb move back then and still proves to be today.

All good points but he is not a CPA. How much will it cost the state to farm out all of these CPA audits? I think Mary is doing a good job and I have no reason to vote against her. Her investigative skills are good as well and we as taxpayers will not have to hire CPA firms to follow those i…

Constitution 2 commented on Letter: The reasons behind my votes

Latham's father was who? And when did he hold office? Please don't vote strait party and consider all candidates before you vote and get and education about who they really are. I can't support Fred either.

Constitution 2 commented on Letter: Fixing judicial partisanship

Um, Biff, the qualifications of a judge is that you rule based on the constitution of the United States, period. This Judge does and his record proves it. He has ruled against the Bush administration where he used to work. This position should not be political, strictly based on the constitu…

Constitution 2 commented on Letter: Fixing judicial partisanship

I agree, please tell me what he lied about under oath and I will listen. I would also like to put some focus on Dr. Ford. She was used by the Democrats to create a smear and they have now thrown her off the side of the road like all the rest they have done this to.

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