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Clear Lake: Ice fishing activity increased this week. Most anglers are fishing close to access points. Ice thickness is 3-7 inches. Aeration systems are in operation for the winter. Yellow Bass - Fair: Nice sized yellow bass are hitting small jigs and spoons. Yellow Perch - Fair: Anglers are catching perch, but a lot of sorting is needed. Black Crappie - Fair: Some nice sized crappie are being caught near rush beds. Bluegill - Fair: Fish shallow in rush beds with small jigs.

Lower Pine Lake: Ice fishing is not recommended. Areas of open water remains on Pine Lakes.

Rice Lake: Ice thickness is 6 to 7 inches. Aeration system is operating for the winter.

Silver Lake (Worth): Bluegill - Good: Nice sized gills are being caught off the north access. Use small ice jigs tipped with insect larvae.

Cedar River (Nashua to La Porte City): Reports of anglers catching walleye on the river where there are open areas of water. Most reports have come from Bremer County. Walleye - Fair: Anglers are catching walleye using lead heads and plastic baits tipped with or without a minnow.

Black Hawk Lake: Ice thickness near the boat ramp at Ice House Point was 4 inches. There is open water off Ice House Point near Town Bay and in the east basin. Use extreme caution and check ice depth often if venturing onto the ice. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegills are being caught from open water under the inlet bridge and from the fishing shelter off Ice House Point. Black Crappie - Fair: Crappie are being picked up from the open water under the inlet bridge. Yellow Perch - Fair: A few perch are being picked up under the inlet bridge.

Brushy Creek Lake: Ice is unsafe for travel.

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake): Ice is variable from 3 to 8 inches in some areas. Anglers are starting to make their way out. Use extreme caution if venturing out and check ice thickness often. Walleye - Fair: A few walleye are being picked up through the ice.

East Okoboji Lake: Lake is snow covered. There is a large open water area on the south end of the lake. No ice fishing activity observed.

Scharnberg Pond: Rainbow Trout - Good: 1500 trout was stocked on Nov. 17. You must have fishing license and trout stamp to fish for and/or possess trout.

Silver Lake (Dickinson): Poor ice conditions continue; open water on the east side of the lake.

Spirit Lake: Anglers are ice fishing Templar Park Lagoon; foot traffic only. Anglers are catching a mixed bag of panfish. Areas of open water pockets still exist on the north end of the lake. No ice fishing activity on the main lake.

Upper Gar Lake: Limited ice; lake remains open due to the flow.

West Okoboji Lake: Lake has started to form ice but, thin ice conditions exist. No fishing activity is on the lake.

Cedar River (above Nashua): Backwaters have 3-4 inches of ice. Black Crappie - Good: Use small jig tipped with a waxworm or colored spike. Yellow Perch - Fair: Catch perch up to 10 inches on a waxworm. Bounce a jig off the bottom for fun action.

Decorah District Streams: Brown Trout - Good: Use larger flies or lures mimicking minnows. Rainbow Trout - Good: Fish near the bottom if no hatches are occurring. Use a weighted caddis stonefly or mayfly nymph. Brook Trout - Good: Try nymphs, emerger or aquatic bug patterns when hatches slow. Fish the calm area next to to a fast channel of water at the head of a pool.

Lake Hendricks: Ice is about 4 inches. Open water around the aerator; keep away from the aerator. Bluegill - Good: Early evening is best. For clear ice and water be set-up quiet and ready early. Use small jigs tipped with waxworm or spike near deeper water drop offs.

Lake Meyer: Ice is 3 to 4 inches. Check ice depths often, especially near springs. Caution recommended. Bluegill - Good: Early evening best. Use small teardrop shaped jigs tipped with waxworm in 15 feet of water. Black Crappie – Slow.

Volga Lake: Ice fishing is not recommended. Edges were open earlier in the week. Cold weather and short days will speed up ice formation.

Maquoketa River (above Monticello): Anglers have taken a few walleye on the Maquoketa River, mainly in Delaware County. Walleye - Fair: Anglers are catching walleye using lead heads and plastic baits tipped with or without a minnow.

Martens Lake: Anglers are getting out on areas of Martens Lake where there is good ice. It is not possible, as of today, to access the lake from across the reservoir on the north side. There have been no reports on fish.

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