Clear Lake: Surface water temperature is 72 degrees. Walleye - Fair: Troll crankbaits in 6 to 10 feet of water. Channel Catfish - Fair: Use cut bait or crawlers fished after sunset. Black Crappie - Slow: Drift a jig and minnow over deeper submerged vegetation. Yellow Bass - Fair: Drift or troll a small jig tipped with cut bait or a minnow in 6 to 10 feet of water until you find the fish.

Beeds Lake: Black Crappie - Fair: Drift fish or troll with a tube jig or small minnow. Yellow Bass - Fair: Drift fish or troll with a small jig.

Crystal Lake: Black Crappie - Fair: Drift or troll small tube jigs in the dredge cut.

Cedar River (above Nashua): Walleye - Good: Use a jig tipped with a twister tail or minnow in deeper water or a spinnerbait in slack water pockets. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Fish midday on overcast days or dawn and dusk. A variety of baits are working.

Cedar River (Nashua to La Porte City): The Cedar River continues to improve. Smallmouth Bass – Good: Cast artificial baits along rocky shorelines. Walleye – Good: A jig tipped with a half crawler and twister tail is a deadly combination this time of year. Channel Catfish – Excellent: Use stink baits in the top or upstream end of log jams. Flathead Catfish - Fair: Fish the larger snags with live bait.

Shell Rock River (Greene to Shell Rock): Walleye - Good: A jig tipped with a half crawler and twister tail is a deadly combination this time of year. Northern Pike - Fair: Float a live chub or shiner under a bobber or cast larger artificial spoons or lures. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Cast crankbaits along and near rock shorelines.

East Okoboji Lake: Yellow Bass - Good: Excellent bite continues with good numbers of fish being caught. Cast mini-jigs or hair-jigs or use small baits tipped with wigglers. Walleye - Good: Numbers of fish are being caught with traditional baits; good numbers of yellow bass are mixed in with the catch. Bluegill - Good: The bite has fluctuated with the changing weather, but persistence will be rewarded with good numbers caught.

Lake Pahoja: Bluegill - Good: Recent surveys show good numbers of large angler size fish in the lake.

Lost Island Lake: Walleye - Good: Walleye action has improved; reports of the best action in areas with flow. Yellow Bass - Good: Reports of yellow bass being caught with black crappie and yellow perch up to 10 inches mixed in the catch. Use small lures such as a twister tail or hair jigs. Channel Catfish - Good: Anglers report catching large channel catfish after dark. Bluegill - Good: Recent surveys show numbers of fish about 7 inches in the lake. Black Crappie - Good: Recent surveys show numbers of angler acceptable size fish up to 10 inches in the lake.

Spirit Lake: Walleye - Fair: The walleye bite has slowed, but persistence will be rewarded with good catches of fish. Yellow Perch - Good: Good numbers of angler acceptable size yellow perch are being caught shallow; start on the outside line of the weed beds. Bluegill - Good: Reports of bluegill, crappie and yellow perch being caught in the Illinois Pondweed in 8-10 feet of water. Use a slip bobber and jigs to fish fast and find active fish.

Trumbull Lake: Yellow Perch - Fair: Anglers fishing from a boat or kayak report some perch action from the lake.

Tuttle Lake: Walleye - Fair: Use crankbaits in the basin.

West Fork Des Moines (state line to Emmetsburg): Channel Catfish - Good: Reports of fish being caught from the river. Use traditional baits for the best "pole bending" action. Walleye - Good: Report of walleye action picking up on the river.

West Okoboji Lake: Bluegill - Good: Rock piles in deeper water with stands of aquatic growth will produce good numbers of angler acceptable sized fish.

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Decorah District Streams: Brook Trout - Good: A variety of aquatic and terrestrial insects, like ants and beetles, are more numerous. Brown Trout - Good: Hendrickson caddis and cranefly hatches are occurring. Crickets are common along streams now. Use hendrickson gnat or beadhead nymph patterns. Pale yellow, black, brown, and grey colors work best. Rainbow Trout - Good: Try a piece of worm or small cheese chunk on a hook under a bobber in the deeper holes or floated past an undercut bank. A variety of small spinnerbaits also work.

Lake Hendricks: Planktonic green algae bloom continues on the lake. Water temperatures are in the low 80's. Black Crappie - Fair: Slowly reel a minnow on a hook over structure. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Try near submersed rocky habitat or depth contours in the early morning. Channel Catfish - Good: Use a large nightcrawler fished off the bottom near woody structure. Bluegill - Fair: Activity should pick up with cooler temperatures. Try a small jig tipped with small piece of worm off rocky shoreline or near submersed logs.

Lake Meyer: Water temperatures are in the mid 70s; excellent water clarity. Bluegill - Good: Use a hook tipped with a small piece of worm or cricket under a bobber near weed edges. Channel Catfish - Fair: Try stink bait or cut baits fished just off the bottom in the evening. Largemouth Bass - Good: Use topwater baits along weed edges on overcast days and late evenings.

Osborne Pond: Osborne Pond is currently being renovated. The dam was breached in July and a water retention basin installed. Material will be removed over the winter and new habitat installed in spring. After repairs to the dam are made, it will be allowed to fill. The pond will then be restocked with bluegill, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.

Turkey River (above Clermont): The Turkey continues to be hit or miss. Water temperatures are in the low 70s. Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Use crawfish imitators or spinners in slack water areas off riffles. Walleye - Fair: Try minnows or lures imitating minnows in deep water drop offs.

Upper Iowa River (above Decorah): Water levels have stabilized with good clarity. Visit the USGS Current Water Data website for more information. Walleye - Good: Catch varies. Try natural colored jigs and twister tails or a spinnerbait. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Use crankbaits near rocky ledges undercut banks and current breaks.

Upper Iowa River (below Decorah): Water clarity is good and levels are relatively stable. Walleye - Fair: Cast a jig and twister tail into deep water drop offs and eddies. Smallmouth Bass - Good: Cast a crankbait or spinner near a rock ledge or into a current break.

Volga Lake: The algae bloom continues, but should clear with cooling temperatures. Black Crappie - Slow: Slowly retrieve a lure over structure at dawn and dusk. Largemouth Bass - Good: Use topwater lures over structure or run a jig tipped with a twister tail along a rocky shoreline. Channel Catfish - Excellent: Use stink bait worms or cut baits fished off the bottom in the evening near woody structure. Bluegill - Fair: Use a small jig tipped with a small piece of worm along rocky shoreline.

Casey Lake (aka Hickory Hills Lake): Casey Lake is in good condition with clear water. Vegetation remains abundant around edges, but it is starting to die back. Catfish, bluegill, crappie and bass are biting well. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Best bite is mornings and evenings. Bluegill – Good: Try fishing various depths with a piece of crawler under a bobber near the edge of weeds or structure. Channel Catfish - Good: Catfish are biting on a variety of baits. Best bite is early morning and late evening. Catfish size has been excellent. Black Crappie - Fair: Jig tube jigs or fish a minnow under a bobber near structure in the lake towards the dam area.

Maquoketa River (above Monticello): The Maquoketa River is in excellent condition. Smallmouth bass and walleye fishing should be good throughout Delaware and Jones counties.

Martens Lake: Expect to fish through and around vegetation. Adjust tactics as needed, including heavy baits or topwater options. Reports of some quality size bass being caught. Largemouth Bass - Good: Use weedless artificial lures with the dense vegetation. Try also topwater frog imitation baits.

Wapsipinicon River (Tripoli to Troy Mills): The Wapsipinicon River continues to fall in Buchanan County; conditions have vastly improved. Reports of anglers doing well on northern pike on the Upper Wapsipinicon in Bremer County. Northern Pike - Good: Cast large bucktail spinners.

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