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DES MOINES — Understanding the relationship between Cullan and Colby Schriever is not too difficult – they are brothers first, and competitors second. But there are times those lines blur.

Take Thursday’s opening round of the Class 3A state tournament. Well, it was actually before anything happened at the state tournament.

Cullan and Colby, both sophomores at Mason City, were drilling prior to warmups before their first matches and things got a little tense for a moment.

“We were both kind of feeling our weight a little bit and we almost got in a fight,” Cullan said. “It doesn’t happen too much, but it gets rough once in awhile.”

Added Colby, “Say I take Cullan down, he gets mad; he takes me down, I get mad. Every time we wrestle it gets kind of rough.”

This probably tends to happen because wrestling is an emotional and physical sport. The more reasonable explanation: they are brothers and that’s what brothers do.

Brothers also support and lift each other up, and there’s no better example than the Schrievers.

Go to any Mason City dual or show up at any tournament the Mohawks are at and you’ll see this. When Colby is on the mat, Cullan is standing right there shouting instructions alongside the Mason City coaches. Colby does the same. There are even times when there’s a pause in the match, they’ll look to one another for a bit of guidance.

That becomes trickier at the state tournament with nobody but the wrestlers, two coaches per team and cheerleaders on the mat.

“It kind of sucks sometimes just sitting and watching and not being able to say anything, but he knows what to do and he just went out there and fought,” Cullan said of watching Colby fall in his quarterfinals match Friday vs. three-time champion Brody Teske of Fort Dodge.

All the fights or arguments eventually mean nothing. The support is what they’ve loved about each other’s company since they started wrestling at age 3.

“We’ve just always been tight from wrestling,” Cullan said. “It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s fun.”

Whether it’s traveling for national events, training through Sebolt Wrestling Academy or as Mohawks, they have always been together.

They are each other’s training partners, even though there is a small gap in their weights – Cullan at 106 and Colby at 126 this year.

Last year, they each made the state tournament in their first seasons as preps with Cullan going on to win a state title. He was the first Mohawk freshman to win one. This time around, both are back and both will be bringing home medals.

It’s safe to say they’ve made each other better over the years.

“He’s obviously really, really good so it’s really good to have a partner like him in the room and it’s great to always have someone like that to work with,” Colby said.

Cullan and Colby took separate paths at this year’s tournament. Cullan was wrestling Saturday night for his second straight state title and Colby settled for seventh place during Saturday’s placement round.

What they mean to the Mason City wrestling program is hard to put into words.

“They’re a good examples for just what they do and how they go about their business,” Mason City coach Dusty Rhodes said. “They’re great guys to have in our room, obviously great wrestlers, and really great kids.”

With two years left in high school, the goal is to double up on state championships each year. They feel like they’re in the perfect position to do so.

“That’d be awesome,” Colby said. “We’d be known as two brothers and both two-timers at the same time.”

Added Cullan, “That’s what really excites me for next year and the year after because I think if he keeps working, he’ll be a two-timer. It’ll be fun and I’m looking forward to it.”


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