Iowa State-Julian Good-Jones

Iowa State offensive lineman Julian Good-Jones "brings a lot of juice and swag to the offensive line," says Cyclones quarterback Brock Purdy. On Saturday against Kansas, Purdy overheard his lineman singing as he was running down the field. (AP Photo/Matthew Putney)

AMES — Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy had just completed a pass against Kansas — nothing out of the ordinary — he completed 29 passes against Kansas.

But after this particular completion, as he and the offensive line were hustling to get lined up for the next play, he noticed something he had never noticed before.

His left tackle, Julian Good-Jones, was singing as they were running down the field.

“I like to sing a lot during the games or dance to the music when it’s playing,” Good-Jones said. “Sometimes if I get a song stuck in my head or if I get a hook stuck in my head, then I just have to keep singing.

“I have no idea which play it was that Brock heard me because I was doing it the whole game.”

The song he had stuck in his head was ‘Close Enough to Hurt’ by Rod Wave.

“Julian brings a lot of juice and swag to the offensive line,” Purdy said. “A lot of the offensive linemen are ‘by the book’ kind of guys and they do their job ‘the right way.’ And then there’s Julian who’s always joking around and is more lighthearted.

“When he was singing during the drive I just thought to myself, ‘What is this man doing?’ It just shows how comfortable he is during games and how much fun and juice he brings to the offense.”

Good-Jones prides himself on being a guy that can remove tension in tense situations.

“I’ve always been a joking guy on the field — I think it’s important to be the same guy no matter what’s going on in a game,” Good-Jones said. “Whether we’re going through a dry spell and things aren’t working or we’re really clicking, I just bring that same fun attitude and keep it light.”

It makes sense that Good-Jones is comfortable enough to sing to himself during games. On Saturday against Kansas State, the Cedar Rapids native will break Iowa State’s all-time start record and consecutive start record with 49 consecutive starts.

The only game he didn’t start was the first one his freshman year — he hasn’t missed a game since.

“Not a lot of people grow up and want to become an offensive lineman," Campbell said. "We want to catch it, throw it, run it or tackle it. Very few want to actually put their hand in the dirt. It’s a learned skill and a learned craft.”

One of the biggest challenges offensive linemen face is they get hit every play. To stay healthy for nearly 50 straight games is impressive.

“It’s a lot of taking care of your body and getting recovery and treatment,” Good-Jones said. “There’s never been a time where I was close to not starting.”

Campbell commends his senior for taking such good care of his body.

“One of the challenges comes is from a health standpoint,” Iowa State coach Matt Campbell said. "The physicality that comes with playing offensive line isn’t for the timid and weak. What Julian has done with his body, physically maturing, it’s allowed him to stay healthy and it’s allowed him to really grow.

"The other part of it is, he mastered multiple positions. That takes a really intelligent young man to have the ability to do what he’s done. You have to have a great sense of intelligence to be able to do that.”

Good-Jones started his career at right tackle, as a sophomore he moved to center and as a junior and now a senior, he’s been at left tackle.

“(The starts record) was something I was never concerned with, it just kind of happened,” Good-Jones said. “It’s exciting and I feel honored. To be able to have the most starts is pretty cool.”

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