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When all of your preparations still aren’t enough, it helps to have a handy set of tools that can get you out of a jam. You should pack an ice scraper to help you clean your windshield in a hurry and a properly sized set of tire chains when encountering deep snow. Don’t forget the gloves — no one wants to fumble around with bare fingers in the blistering cold.

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Snow, dirt and grime constantly build up on your windshield. Examine your wipers to ensure they are in good condition and that they don’t skip or smear. If they do, a fresh set of wiper blades is an easy, inexpensive fix.

Most drivers eventually damage their windshield, and a full replacement can cost hundreds of dollars. If the damage is limited, however, it can sometimes be repaired with an inexpensive windshield repair kit.

No one wants to get up early, go outside in the dark, and battle with icy sidewalks and windshields. De-icing is one winter chore we’d all rather avoid. Fortunately, these products make the job a little easier, so you can spend a few extra minutes cozy in your bed.

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Never worry about scraping ice off your windshield again with this all-weather windshield cover! Protect your glass from hail and minor storm debris, and keep your vehicle cool in summer with the scratchproof, waterproof, and fireproof material. Easy to clean and pack away!

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DENVER (AP) — A Colorado Springs police officer heading to an accident scene in a van got a big surprise when a raccoon jumped onto the front windshield of the vehicle and stayed there until the officer pulled over.

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January started gray, stayed gray, and ended gray. Worse, it wasn’t a shining silver gray or an inviting blue gray. It was the flat, disengagi…

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