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Before all the bro-on-the-run, complicated-relationship, and my-parents-are-cringe comedies that fill our streaming services, Mel Brooks took …

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This film isn't your standard horror and that's what makes it great. Writer-director Jordan Peele brilliantly weaved poignant social commentary into a top-notch genre pic — a tricky thing to do, especially when it's your directorial debut. With it, the man who had previously been known as a comedian and actor made himself a must-follow filmmaker too.

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In Jordan Peele's part horror, part social satire "Get Out," ''the sunken place" is a brainwashing technique employed by Catherine Keener's Missy Armitage on her daughter's black boyfriend Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya). She hypnotizes him stirring her tea methodically and suddenly he is trapped and falling in horrifying space. On a superficial level, it made an impact as a straight horror technique, but the sunken place went even deeper than a scare tactic: Peele later explained that it represents the marginalization and silencing of African Americans.

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