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Criminal Law

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The trial of Alex Jones, in which the InfoWars host was ordered to pay $4.1 million in compensatory damages to Sandy Hook parents and $45 million in punitive damages for claiming the massacre was staged, stemmed from the same claim that Johnny Depp brought against Amber Heard: defamation. The parents claimed Jones defamed them by claiming they were actors who had never really lost their ...

Here's a look at a grand jury's major role in criminal justice and why prosecutors are using them to investigate efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

NONFICTION: The rare, true story of a young woman in 18th-century America who was raped — and fought her assailant in court. "The Sewing Girl's Tale" by John Wood Sweet; Henry Holt (384 pages, $29.99) ——— On the evening of Aug. 25, 1793, Lanah Sawyer, a 17-year-old seamstress, was out walking in Lower Manhattan when she was accosted by men who catcalled and frightened her, begins the true ...

Editor’s note: The Denver Post respects the wishes of Aurora theater shooting victims and their families that the assailant’s name not be repeated in news stories. In this article, his name is only mentioned in direct quotes by the author. Ten years ago, Dr. Lynne Fenton felt villainized after she was identified as the psychiatrist who treated the Aurora theater shooter in the months leading ...

Florida has become internationally notorious for the oddball miscreants who populate its police blotters and news reports — known collectively as Florida Man. But an equally eccentric cast of hard-boiled sheriffs make a career of going after these guys. Florida Man, meet Florida Sheriff.

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