Cedar River (above Nashua):  Water levels rising and up about 1 ft. Water temperatures low 50's. Walleye - Fair: Try a jig tipped with a minnow or ringworms for best luck. Smallmouth Bass - Slow: Crankbaits will tempt a smallie. Channel Catfish - Good: Use dead chubs fished in the impoundments or shallow slack water areas. Keep bait on bottom.

Kathryn Barton - muskie

Kathryn Barton holds the 41.6-inch, 20-pound muskie she caught from her dock on Clear Lake on April 29.

Decorah District Streams: Slightly warmer weather on the way for the weekend with low 60s for highs. Recent rain caused some rivers and streams to rise and turn off color. Water clarity is off but fishable. Rainfall amounts will determine how soon clarity improves. Gravel roads remain in rough shape. Continue to watch for turkey hunters as season ends May 12. Brook Trout - Fair: A variety of insects currently hatching throughout the day. Matching hatch is key. On clear streams, use care not to be seen. Brown Trout - Good: Off color water from rain inputs drive browns crazy. A spinner bait or subsurface nymph work well. Rainbow Trout - Good: Use cheese or piece of worm under a bobber for best luck with a spinning rod.

West Okoboji Lake: Bluegill - Good: Some action reported from Triboji Lagoon, sorting required. Expect action to improve as water temperatures improve.

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Lake Hendricks: Black Crappie - Good: Use a hook tipped with a minnow under a bobber near brush piles or sunny shoreline. Bluegill - Fair: Use a small hook tipped with a small piece of worm or left over waxies under a bobber. Largemouth Bass - Good: Jigs tipped with plastic twistertail or jerkbait will catch a hungry bass. Channel Catfish - Slow: Catfish around rocky shorelines with wind blown material. Use a jig tipped with nightcrawler. Fish shallow bays and along rocky shorelines. Fish will be in these areas later in the day and early morning.

Lake Meyer: Slightly warmer weather on the way for the weekend with low 60s for highs. Recent rain caused some rivers and streams to rise and turn off color. Water temperatures cooled this week but should improve with better weather. Few anglers out to brave the weekday weather. Bluegill - Fair: Small jigs tipped with a small piece of worm around rocky shorelines will do the trick. Black Crappie - Fair: Fish around shallow submersed logs using small plastic lures or hair jigs. Largemouth Bass - Good: Crankbait or jerkbaits work for bass. Northern Pike - Fair: Find pike in shallow bays. Spoons, crankbaits, or a hook tipped with cutbait work.

Turkey River (above Clermont): Water levels and flows stabilizing. Clarity excellent. Walleye - Fair: Fish the slack water areas below dams with a jig tipped with minnow or shallow water crankbait. White Sucker - Good: Use a worm fished off the bottom for best luck. As water warms in the 50's, suckers become more active.

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