Clear Lake: There is still 18 - 20 inches of ice on most of the lake. The top several inches of ice is now soft and conditions are changing fast with the warm temperatures. Foot traffic only advised. Black Crappie – Good. Yellow Bass – Good. Yellow Perch – Fair. Walleye – Slow.

Black Hawk Lake: Ice fishing is not recommended. Look for open water fishing opportunities at the inlet bridge and around the fishing shelter in Town Bay. Little fishing activity since last week.

Brushy Creek Lake: Ice fishing is not recommended.

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake): Ice fishing is not recommended. Access will be difficult or impossible as ice along shore continues to degrade. Look for potential open water angling opportunities near the inlet.

Decorah District Streams: Clarity is improving with dry conditions and slow snow melt. Brown Trout - Fair: Spin fishers using minnow imitating jigs will do well. In clear water, use a dark jig with a bright red spot. Rainbow Trout - Fair: Many stocked rainbows from last season are waiting to be caught. Use a minnow or worm under a bobber. Brook Trout - Fair: Midges are hatching on sunny afternoons.

Lake Hendricks: About 20 inches of ice on the lake. Water clarity is excellent. Open water around the aerator; use caution in this area. No motorized vehicles allowed on the ice. Black Crappie - Good: Use jigs tipped with plastic tails. Fish 9- to 10-inches are common. Bluegill - Fair: Small gills are biting. Try a small jig tipped with a spike.

Lake Meyer: Water is cloudy under 20 inches of ice. Few anglers have been out. Bluegill - Slow. Black Crappie - Slow: Fish about 5 feet off the bottom around brush and stumps. Use a lure that irritates the fish to bite.

Volga Lake: Drifted snow covering 10 to 20 inches of ice. Few anglers have been out. Yellow Perch - Slow: Use a small jig tipped with a spike or waxworm. Bluegill - Fair: Use a jig tipped with waxworm or spike in about 10 feet of water around brush piles, rocky mounds or rip-rap.

Photos: Big fish caught in North Iowa

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