Cedar River (above Nashua): Water levels are stabilizing, but remain elevated with high flows. Water clarity is poor. Water temperatures are in the mid-50's. Use caution when boating in higher flows. Channel Catfish - Fair: Use dead chubs fished in the impoundments or shallow slack water areas. Keep your bait on the river bottom. Walleye - Fair: Try a jig tipped with a minnow or ring worms. Smallmouth Bass - Slow: Crankbaits will tempt a smallie.

Decorah District Streams: Water clarity varies by stream, but most can be fished. Fishing is the only activity allowed on private property open to fishing; all other activities are prohibited. Check the 2019 trout stream stocking calendar or call the stocking number at 563-927- 5736 to find out when your favorite trout stream will be stocked. Brown Trout - Good: Off-color water from rains drive brown trout crazy. A spinnerbait or subsurface nymph work well. Rainbow Trout - Good: Use cheese or a piece of worm under a bobber for best luck with a spinning rod. Brook Trout - Good: A variety of insects are hatching throughout the day. Matching the hatch is key. On clear streams, use care not to be seen.

Upper Iowa River (above Decorah): Water levels are falling, but remain up about 1 feet and dirty. Flows are high. Paddling is not recommended. Water temperatures are in the mid-50's. Visit the USGS Current Conditions website for more on water levels. Smallmouth Bass - Slow: Smallmouth bass are spawning. When the water clears, bass can be seen guarding nests.

Lake Hendricks:  The lake is up about a foot with about 3 feet visibility. Water temperatures are in the upper 50's. Fish shallow bays and along rocky shores later in the day and early morning. Black Crappie - Good: Use a hook tipped with a minnow under a bobber near brush piles. Bluegill - Fair: Try a small hook tipped with a a left over waxworm or spike under a bobber. Largemouth Bass - Good: Bass are on beds. Use jigs tipped with plastic twister tails or jerkbait. Channel Catfish - Fair: Try a jig tipped with a piece of worm or cheese around the rocky shores with wind-blown material.

Lake Meyer:  Water temperatures cooled this week with temperatures in the upper 50's. Conditions should improve with warmer temperatures and sunshine. Lake levels are up and clarity is fair. Bluegill - Fair: Use small jigs tipped with a small piece of worm around rocky shores. Black Crappie - Good: Try small plastic lures or hair jigs fished around shallow submersed logs. Largemouth Bass - Good: Crankbaits or jerkbaits work well. Northern Pike - Fair: Find pike in shallow bays. Try crankbaits, spoons or a hook tipped with cut bait.

Turkey River (above Clermont): Water levels are falling, but remain elevated with high current. Water temperatures are in the mid-50's with poor water quality.Paddling is not recommended. Walleye - Fair: Use a jig tipped with a minnow or shallow water crankbait in the slack water and eddies below dams. White Sucker - Fair: Try a worm fished off the bottom. Water temperatures in the 50’s turns on the suckers.

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