Clear Lake: Ice depths are 10 to 18 inches. The lake aeration systems are currently not being operated. Yellow Bass - Fair: Use small spoons with insect larvae. You have to keep moving to stay on fish. Walleye – Fair: Anglers are picking up a few walleye around sunset. Jigging spoons tipped with minnows work best. The minimum size limit on Clear Lake is 14 inches.

Crystal Lake: Black Crappie - Slow: Anglers are getting a few crappie after sunset.

Rice Lake: Bluegill - Slow: Use small jigs tipped with insect larvae. Yellow Perch - Slow: Try small jigging spoons or small minnows. Angling success has been slow, but there are good numbers of yellow perch in Rice Lake.

Cedar River (above Nashua): Fish backwaters and off channel areas with little to no current. Use caution as ice conditions vary and can change fast. Few anglers are out. Black Crappie - Slow: Use a small jig tipped with a minnow or spike jigging aggressively.

Arrowhead Lake: 11 inches of ice near the boat ramp.

Black Hawk Lake: Conditions are improving, but they are still extremely variable throughout the lake. Check ice thickness often. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegills have been picked up through the ice in between the boat ramp of Ice House Point and Gunshot Hill with a small jig tipped with waxworm. Black Crappie - Fair: Use a small jig tipped with waxworm near the Ice House Point boat ramp. . Yellow Perch - Fair: A few perch are being picked up in between the Ice House Point boat ramp and Gunshot Hill with jigs tipped with waxworm.

Black Hawk Pits: 12 inches of ice near the boat ramp. Ice is variable; check thickness often when venturing out. Bluegill - Fair: Use waxworms fished near the bottom.

Brushy Creek Lake: Ice conditions are improving; check ice thickness often. Bluegill - Fair: Try waxworms fished on a small jig in the northeast arm of the lake. Black Crappie – Fair.

North Twin Lake: Ice thickness is variable. Black Crappie - Fair: Anglers have picked up some crappie in the southwest part of the lake.

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake): Most areas of the lake have up to 15-18 inches of ice and have seen lots of fishing activity. Walleye - Fair: Use minnows and jigging spoons during low light conditions. Yellow Perch - Fair: Try waxworms in 4-6 feet of water in mornings or evenings.

East Okoboji Lake: Yellow Bass - Good: Anglers are catching large yellow bass from the basin. Move often to stay on the school of active fish.

Five Island Lake: Yellow Bass - Good: Some activity reported on the lake; you need to search to find active fish.

Lake Pahoja: Bluegill - Recent surveys show good numbers of angler acceptable size bluegill in the lake with large fish over 8 inches not uncommon.

Lost Island Lake: Yellow Perch - Good: Report of fish being caught from the lake with "bonus mixed bag" of bluegill and crappie in the catch. Yellow Bass - Good: Yellow bass activity has picked up with good numbers of fish "on the bite."

Silver Lake (Dickinson): Open water and thin ice conditions on the east side of the lake.

Spirit Lake: Walleye - Good: Angler acceptable size fish are being caught; best action is half hour before sunset to half hour after sunset. Yellow Perch - Good: Good numbers of angler acceptable size fish continue to be caught from the basin in 18 - 20 feet of water; sorting is needed as numbers of small fish will also be in the catch.

Trumbull Lake: Yellow Perch - Fair: Yellow perch continue to be harvested from the lake; anglers are very pleased with the quality of the fish caught.

Virgin Lake: Walleye - Good: Good opportunities to catch fish averaging 16 inches. Yellow Perch - Good: Fish averaging 8 inches are common.

West Okoboji Lake: Bluegill - Good: Action has slowed; persistent anglers will catch good numbers of bluegills from the lake. Yellow Perch - Good: Anglers report catching fish in 18 feet of water in Smiths Bay.

Decorah District Streams: Brown Trout - Fair: Use larger flies or lures mimicking minnows. Spin fishers using a small jig tipped with a minnow should find nice fish. Rainbow Trout - Fair: Rainbow Trout spawning is at its peak. Larger fish will move to headwaters to lay eggs. Use a weighted caddis stonefly or mayfly nymph. Brook Trout - Fair: Trout are actively attacking emerging midges on warm sunny afternoons.

Lake Hendricks: Ice depths are 8-10 inches with about 14 inches of snow. Open water zone around the aerator; keep away from this area. Few anglers are out. Bluegill - Fair: Early bite is best. Use small jigs tipped with waxworm or spike near deeper water drop offs. Black Crappie – Fair: Crappies 10-11 inches have been caught. Largemouth Bass - Slow: Anglers are catching a few small bass.

Lake Meyer: Ice depth is 10 inches under 14 inches of snow. Few anglers have been out. Bluegill - Slow: Early morning bite is best. Use small teardrop shaped jigs tipped with waxworm in brush piles in 12-15 feet of water. Black Crappie – Slow. Largemouth Bass - Slow: A few bass have been caught while fishing for panfish.

Volga Lake: Ice depths are about 10 inches with 12 inches of drifted snow. Few anglers have been out with the recent cold snap. Bluegill - Slow: Fish the brush piles. Black Crappie - Slow: Find Crappie in 1-12 feet water. Use waxworms with bright colored jigheads in the brush piles and drop off around the jetty on west side of lake.

Photos: Big fish caught in North Iowa

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