Colin Kaepernick is not a voice who represents anyone but himself.

He is not a voice for equal rights and opportunities.

He is not a student of American history.

He is not a civil rights leader.

He is not an athlete.

He is not a patriotic American.

He is not a role model.

He is a member of a long line of spoiled brats who use issues of public debate for personal enrichment.

He calumniates the U.S. Constitution and founding principles that represent us all.

By denigrating Betsy Ross and the birth of this republic, Colin Kaepernick proves he is American in name only and a complete disgrace to the people who love this country, warts and all, regardless of political views.

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The Nike/Kaepernick sideshow provoked me to order a "Made in America" Betsy Ross flag that I am proudly flying as we speak.

I have one final observation for you.

As mortified as Kaepernick claimed to be about Nike honoring Betsy Ross, I will wager everything that this crybaby will not turn down, nor burn, nor refuse to carry in his wallet and deposit in his bank accounts:

One hundred dollar bills picturing Benjamin Franklin, a founding father who served this country profoundly during a time of slavery;

Twenty-dollar bills picturing Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans and a slave owner;

Ten dollar bills picturing founder and slave owner, Alexander Hamilton;

Two dollar bills picturing the slave owner, founder and author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson; and finally

One-dollar bills picturing the devil of all devils, George Washington, the father of our country.

If you are as sick of America bashing as I am, order yourself a new Betsy Ross flag and fly it with pride.

James Sayles, Mason City

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