Trump's latest round of racist comments is utterly horrifying, but should not be at all surprising. This is the same guy, after all, who spent the entirety of Obama's presidency pushing a racist birther conspiracy against him (funny how he didn't bother to take his own advice and "just leave" because of how unhappy he apparently was when Obama was running things).

But of course he thinks he'll get by with it, because he's got way too many people supporting and encouraging his awful rhetoric. There were voters who saw nothing wrong with voting for, and continuing to support, a president who harasses and insults people and pushes dangerous conspiracy theories. They're perfectly willing to let the dignity of the office suffer because of their outdated, backwards views about society.

Shame on Trump. Shame on the spineless GOP who stands by and continues to let him behave in such a hideous way. And shame on all those who voted for and support and encourage this behavior from the leader of our nation. History will rightly not look kindly on any of them.

Angela Niles, Mason City

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