Motorcycle clubs honor 9/11 first responders

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Association members gathered outside the Mason City Fire Department in 2017 in remembrance of Sept. 11 first responders.

I have been noticing there are some folks driving on our roads and highways with their parking tags hanging from their rear view mirrors.

There are a couple reasons to remove these tags, the first being that that tag can obstruct your ability to see motorcycle, bicycles and pedestrians. Thus, could cause you to hit someone simply because you did not see them.

The second reason to remove the tag is because it is the law. According to Iowa code 321L, this tag must be removed while the vehicle is in motion. Violating this law could result in a fine of $200 plus court costs.

Most law enforcement agencies do not bother with enforcing this law for one reason or another, but will act on it if it is reported, or if it has caused a crash. As a motorcyclist, I would prefer the crash not happen. In my opinion, too many of our current laws are only enforced after the fact, doing nothing to prevent crashes. I would encourage the readers to call in complaints if you see these tags displayed on a moving vehicle, it could save a life.

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The officer can also, at the time of a traffic stop, check to see if that tag is issued to the person in the vehicle, or if it has been illegally obtained.

For those who want an easy and more convenient way to use their parking tag, use a couple rubber bands to affix it to your visor, flip your visor down when parked. When you put the visor back up, it is out of sight from potential thieves.

Pretty simply, right? Also remember. MAY is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Please do your part.

Phil McCormick, Clear Lake

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