Augmented Reality 2

Nathan Pearce demonstrates his mobile phone game, Rive City Hunt, by showing a hidden clue visible only through the augmented reality view within the game, on a sign outside the City Center building, the site of the infamous John Dillinger bank robbery in 1934.

I believe that the article on Nathan Pearce creating a simulator for our town and the famous bank robbery that happened here in 1934, is very helpful toward our town and its growth.

Coming from a high school student I know I am always wanting to be connected both at school and at home, I like things to be more hands-on and this will give the opportunity to do something hands-on and learn a bit more about Mason City and the events that have happened here.

I followed the link to his website I realized that he has also made it inclusive to everyone whether you are young or old. I see this as a way for people to have a fun new way to learn more about the place we live. I am hoping to see more things like this in the future. 

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I cant wait to try this out with my family and friends!

Mackenzy Conway, Mason City

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