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To the Hancock County Supervisors, Regarding Second Amendment Sanctuaries: LETTER

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Office holders in our county, supervisors, county sheriff and county attorney already have an obligation to uphold U.S. and state constitutions, which includes the second amendment.

Senator Guth appears to be in favor of allowing any person to carry a weapon/gun anywhere they so desire. He does not think there should be any rules or regulations on the use of guns.

We have safety measures/laws on many aspects of our life. There are laws, licenses and standards that need to be met in order to drive a car, pilot a plane, work as a doctor, dentist, nurse, firefighter or beautician. There are laws for safety such as following speed limits, limits on speech such as not yelling "fire" in a theater. Do all of these laws infringe on our personal rights? I don't think so.

We need common sense safety measures for gun use, such as requiring background checks on all firearm sales, and use of extreme risk protective orders. Thes type of laws are not government overreach, or federal law infringements. They are common sense measures to protect the safety of us all.

Senator Guth is concerned with government tyranny. What I see now is citizen tyranny, people taking the law into their own hands. Do we really want a 17 year old walking our streets with an AR15 thinking they are protecting our towns and cities? What are the legal ramifications of this sanctuary designation to our county? I have not read an opinion on this from our county attorney.

The second amendment isn't going anywhere. Certainly there are more pressing issues facing our county.

Lissa Holloway, Britt


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