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The truth is apparently relative: Letter

The truth is apparently relative: Letter

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Is the truth generally so readily available all a seeker must do is turn on the television or open a newspaper to be in full possession of it? Is the truth generally popular enough in this world to profit those who speak it or must they be censored, persecuted, maligned by liars acting out of an instinct of wicked self-preservation? In the immediacy of a crime and big lie, is it true that there is no evidence of wrongdoing except a reasonable suspicion which begins a long process of investigation by which evidence is produced and at last truth uncovered as the gloried fruit of a painfully slow series of events?

How could the holder of a legitimate executive office be accused of inciting insurrection by taking seriously its own declaration of emergency regarding election infrastructure with the issuance of executive order 13848 on September 12, 2018? Is there not a legitimacy to the office which makes insurrection impossible, a legitimacy which transforms a "riotous mob" into a mobilized Posse Comitatus?

Why was the legislative branch, the branch closest to the people, so afraid when people showed up on January 6th to make their objection known? Was Kennedy peddling conspiracy theories and disinformation for thinking there was missiles being built in Cuba even though all he had was a blurry photograph taken by a reconnaissance plane?

What's the difference between Don Corleone and a President or Senator besides Kay being naive?

Ryan Schupick, Mason City


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