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Shame on you for taking away Dr. Haganman: Letter

Shame on you for taking away Dr. Haganman: Letter

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He's dying, you know. He's 59. Pretty young, really. My brother is dying and now he doesn't have his doctor. He doesn't have Dr. Haganman.

He needed crucial pain meds but the pharmacy couldn't refill them until they talked to his doctor. He was forced to make an appointment with a stranger to get pain meds. He was forced to tell his story to a stranger, forced to repeat "I'm dying." If you think it's therapeutic to face the fact you're dying, this isn't the way.

It hurts him to swallow. It burns no matter what he eats. This is a new development and he wanted to see his doctor. He's just going to let this go until he can't. You know, seeing a stranger and all.

Dr. Haganman was the first to know my brother had a serious problem. He ordered more tests to solidify the diagnosis and sent him to a specialist. Dr. Haganman followed up to make sure he was cared for and getting answers.

My brother doesn't see a doctor very often, so in this tornado of doctors and devastating news he built a relationship of trust with Dr. Haganman. Dr. Haganman helped relieve some of the anguish through mutual respect.

When my brother made the decision to not treat the untreatable, Mark or Doc as my brother calls him, was there to support his decision.

I have heard rumors about why this happened. Everything I have heard boils down to greed. If you don't have the patients Dr. Haganman does, it's jealous and greedy. If you don't want a COVID clinic so you can charge an office visit, it's neglectful to the patients and greedy.

So shame on you. Shame on you for giving a dying man one more damn thing to worry about. Shame on you for taking away the trusted doctor he needs right now.

Krystal Johnson, Charles City


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