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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month: Letter

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month: Letter

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month

September 2020 is definitely a different start to fall but one thing that has not changed is that children are still being diagnosed with cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month with a gold ribbon representing Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Stomping Out Childhood Cancer, a local charity begun in 2018 to help local families who are experiencing this devastating disease, is holding an online auction on Facebook from Sept 21 to Sept 27 to raise money for local families and for research.

What a wonderful world it would be if no family ever again had to hear those horrible words “Your child has cancer”. If you have not seen a child go through cancer treatment, you are lucky. These kids are warriors and my heroes.

Please take a moment to recognize that this is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and help in whatever way you can. Go gold for the kids.

Donna Buol, Clear Lake

USPS can’t handle mail-in ballot load?

Mr. President and all your Chatty Cathy (remember the string?) operatives, please stop the rhetoric about mail delivery issues. The week of Christmas 2019 USPS successfully delivered 2.5 million pieces of first class mail (think of a ballot), in addition to all of the packages they handled. If every registered voter voted via mail, and we all know the turnout will be much less than 100%, that volume would be less than 1/16th of that Christmas week success in 2019. The November 3 volume is hardly an issue for USPS.

Bob Freund, Greene

State officials shouldn’t overstep their limits

My public service includes 8 years in city government; 4 years in state government; 4 years in federal government. I clearly understand and value each level of jurisdiction. It is very troubling for me to see the lines becoming dangerously blurred between these unique, individual bodies.

We citizens elect city council members from our hometown. They are people we know, trust, respect to manage the business of our community. We shop, dine, worship with them every week. We know their values and they know ours. It is a government that truly is closest to the people. We follow this same criteria as we elect county supervisors, state legislators, school board members.

For a state governor to believe he/she knows more about a community, county or school district is just wrong! It is increasingly difficult to recruit public servants for these position but to be ‘trumped’ by a governor on decisions that should rightfully be yours is discouraging. We are seeing this boundary intrusion across the nation.

I fully understand the role of state officials and their place in the hierarchy. And I believe that federal government is the least representative of the citizenry.

These are dangerous times, in many ways, that we are traversing. But the lines of authority in government need to be reinforced.

Betty Soukup, Clear Lake

Mitchell County wise to utilize part of TIF revenue for housing projects

Last Sunday I read a Letter to the Editor in the GG from Al Winters. I am amazed the GG continues to print his letters as like many previous letters from Al Winters, this letter was full of misinformation and half-truths.

According to the 2015 estimate from the Census Bureau, of the eight counties in the North Iowa Area Council of Governments territory, Mitchell County was the only county to grow in population, growth was by 81.

Mitchell County is wisely utilizing the wind farm TIFs in part on affordable housing projects. The Mitchell County Economic Development Corporation makes what I reference as a “government loan” up to $30,000 to any house buyer (not the builder) to purchase a 3 bedroom spec house. This house will pay property taxes to the various taxing bodies.

An actual house north of St. Ansgar received the $30,000 loan. The taxable assessed value of this house is $190,117 and pays property taxes of $4,826 annually. In just six years and two months, the various taxing bodies will receive a total of $30,000 in property taxes or in 20 years, will have paid $96,520 in property taxes.

To look at this another way, the taxpayers of Mitchell County are receiving a 16% return on investment. If Mitchell County failed to offer this incentive, this house may not have been built in Mitchell County nor would we be receiving these taxes annually.

Mitchell County welcomes new home buyers into our many wonderful communities.

Stan Walk, St. Ansgar


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