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Sad state of party politics: Letter

Sad state of party politics: Letter


It’s sad what our country has come to with the deep division and the continued name calling by many on both sides of the aisle but mostly those on the left.

As a Republican who very much respected and admired Martin Luther King, “ judge a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin,” and that goes with sexual orientation... It’s maddening how we’re labeled as racists, bigots, simply for being a President Trump supporter. Wow!

Let’s review some history to remind those on the left they are not without sin.

The Democratic Party was the party of the slave owner and the party of the Confederacy. They formed the KKK and even recently have had ties to their leadership including Hillary Clinton. After the Civil War they passed Jim Crow legislation and enforced it through Democrat Governors.

More recently, former President Obama spent twenty years in a church that honored Louis Farrakhan. We watched Obama turn his back on Israel for the eight years he was in office, and it looks like President Biden will do the same.

Even more recently, we’ve watched Democrat Governors and Mayors allow Marxist/Communist organizations such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter loot, burn, and terrorize their cities.

It’s beyond time to come together and remember neither party is without sin and past sins should be forgiven and forgotten. How else can we unite again as a country?

Pat Ropella, Mason City


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