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Put politics aside and get vaccinated: LETTER

I am 76 years old and I was just thinking about all the vaccinations I had to get when starting school at age 5. There was polio, small pox, measles and others. We didn't like shots at that age and some kids cried (not me), but we were thankful to get them.

Now politics, mostly Republicans and Trump supporters, are screwing around refusing to get the COVID vaccines and try to discourage others. Even Trump got vaccinated after vaccines were available and after he had a serious case of COVID. He got COVID only because he did not follow CDC guidelines and he recovered quickly only because he had treatments available to him that aren't available to ordinary people. Trump never was and still is not a masker but he got vaccinated as soon as it became available, even after having the disease.

My wife and I got vaxxed last March as soon as we could schedule, and we will get the booster. We try to avoid crowds and wear our masks in stores and public. Why, some may ask? Because the CDC still recommends it. Believe me, they know a lot more about it than Trump and the non-maskers! When it comes to your health and your life, better err on the side of caution and science.

PLEASE, get vaccinated and wear a mask in crowed places! Let's get rid of this scourge that has killed over 700,000 Americans before it mutates to something worse. I don't mind wearing a mask. My wife says I look a lot better.

On a different note, Chuck Grassley showed his true colors last weekend when he drooled all over Trump in Des Moines. He's much like a chameleon, whatever color he thinks fits him best at a given time. Try black!

Steve Epperly, Mason City


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