Former President Obama bought a $14.85 million dollar beach house.

That’s right; the guy who said climate change is the greatest threat to this nation bought a 6,892 square foot mansion just feet above sea level (7 bedrooms, 8 baths). But don’t worry if that one is swallowed up by the sea he can find shelter in his $8.1 million Washington DC home 8,200 sq. ft., (9 bedroom 8.5 bath). That one is 410 feet above sea level. Worse case he can live in his Chicago $1.6 million (6 beds, 6 baths) home. It's 597 feet above sea level.

So the guy who said “There’s only so big a house you can have” now has 3 with 22 beds and 22.5 baths. That’s a small Super 8.

Not bad for a guy a few years ago who was a community organizer.

You almost feel sorry for the climate change cult, almost. When I see banks loan money for a 30-year mortgage on property that will underwater in 12 years you know it’s a scam.

Best part of this -- Obama won’t be able to deduct his property taxes under Trump’s income tax laws.

John Johnson, Britt

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