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Customers walk through Southbridge Mall in Mason City on a cold weekday afternoon. Mike Kohen, of Kohen Retail Investment Group, the new owner of Southbridge Mall, has said he is excited for a hotel deal to be finalized so there can be more development in the downtown area.

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How about we honor her by keeping her memory alive and case active until solved, that seems more fitting. I hope that someday her case will be solved and her family will have closure.

Teresa Nicholson

I don't like the idea at all. Such a day would carry the sense of a "celebration" and there is nothing to celebrate in this horribly sad and UNSOLVED case. "Tacky" doesn't begin to describe how inappropriate and thoughtless this would be.

Mark Gruben

Veteran's suicide

A veteran shall never be denied when he or she asks for help. There is always some place for a person to go, veteran or not in a time that they are feeling depressed and are in need of help.

Teresa Hartman 

Sad. There should be an outcry in our state regarding the lack of care related to mental illness. For vets and non vets. There is a lack of in patient for mental health care, there is a lack of understanding of the importance for this. I am a RN and we struggle daily to find psych help for those in need.

Gail Dierks 

Mall treasure

Throughout the country small malls are closing. Southbridge is just trying to full up spaces for a short term fix with mom & pops, but unless some new major chains come in business will continue to decline & more stores will close.. Once the Younkers closes then the mall would most likely shut down. Mason City doesn't have a need for another hotel when's it's already got 10-12 in the city now which probably get less than 75% full every night + quality inn is already 4 blocks from the mall / proposed hotel site so that's already easy walking distance.

Eric Thiele  

I would shop at the mall if it had stores that interested me

Melany Van Every

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