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After reading the article in the Globe regarding the value of "teacher-librarians" and the quality of education in our schools ("Iowa sees drop in teacher-librarians," Dec. 4), I feel I must explain my job to the public. As a certified elementary media specialist (now retired) my program included:

1. Ordering and teaching literature that was both good and would appeal to my student population.

2. Providing specific literature that coordinated with class curricula.

3. Providing the resources and designing or assisting in class research projects.

4. Teaching students how to use indexes to find information quickly.

5. Promoting reading contests and other incentivized reading activities.

I had our art and physical education teachers using library books in their curricula. Many media specialists are called upon to assist in solving teachers' tech problems as well.

One well known elementary science book author said the quickest way to judge the overall quality of education in a school is to examine the catalog and condition of that school library. I agree.

We will not have “world class” education in Iowa (supported by helpful budgets) without good school library media programs.

Johanna Anderson, Osage

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