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Why does Trump claim NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN and the other reliable news media as "fake news" and that only Fox News reports the truth? Do you really buy into that? Trump supporters do!

Fox News people, such as Chris Wallace, Shephard Smith, Neil Cavuto, and White House correspondent John Roberts and a few others, are generally fair and unbiased, but at night, their programming turns into a politically biased, lying, right-wing fiasco. Anyone who is pretty well-informed and reasonable in their thinking, and at least half-way intelligent, would see that quickly. But the regular viewers are hearing what they want to hear and watching with blinders on. The price they pay is political and factual ignorance.

In covering politics, CNN covers all points of view and brings in political and non-political experts from many fields, Democrat, Republican, and non-partisan to discuss and debate issues. I don't see this approach with Fox News. Hosts such as Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Jeanine Pirro (disgusting) Shawn Hannity and a couple of other goons, are way far right. Hannity makes $36 million a year and has net worth of over $80 million. It is no wonder he loves the Trump tax cuts for the very rich, while the middle class takes it in the shorts from Republicans once again.

It is my belief that when the Mueller investigation ends the Trump presidency will end. Justice and the law must prevail to save this greatest country ever and its institutions and way of life that Trump threatens. Republicans, he is going to tear your party apart!

In closing, I would like to direct you to a Fox News segment of May 4 by Fox News host Neil Cavuto that is exemplary. Just google "Fox News host Neil Cavuto blasts Trump for 4 straight minutes."

Steven Epperly, Mason City


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