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After making such a grand entrance to the polling station on his gallant steed Tuesday, how sad to watch Roy Moore slowly ride into the sunset, slumped in the saddle, his hat pulled low over his face, a rolled cigarette dangling from his dry cracked lips. Even the so-called President of the United States could not salvage a Senate victory for him in a redneck state.

The tide is starting to flow from the sandy shore into the dark abyss of certain political collapse for Trump the Tweet Twerp. I dislike being disrespectful to the so-called president, but he deserves no respect because he has earned none.

Shame on the Republican Party and blind-sided moronic voters believing his constant lying and gloating about himself. He has accomplished nothing to make this country better, only to divide us and try to destroy much of what President Obama accomplished. I am more than sick and tired of his giving himself credit for what Obama accomplished to put the country on the right path.

Bush W. put tax cuts together with a 10-year unjust war that nearly collapsed the U.S. and world economy. The war destabilized the Middle East and let in Al-Qaeda and gave rise to ISIS. Obama inherited the war and a deeply failing economy on the verge of collapse.

By the end of Obama's terms the jobless rate had dropped from 10.5 percent to 4.7 percent, the stock market had tripled, the wars were drawing down, health care had been reformed, big banks regulated, the Iran Nuclear deal made, and B.O. saved the auto industry along with many other major achievements.

Trump is taking credit for Obama's legacy. The Russian investigation will clean house and bring back respect for our great country.

Steve Epperly, Mason City

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