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It takes the debt of the lowest 55 counties to equal the combined debt of Winnebago and Mitchell counties. Sixteen of those 55 have no debt what so ever. If it wasn’t for Polk, Winnebago would be first at $40 million and Mitchell second at $32 million. Even counties with large cities like Waterloo and Cedar Rapids have lower debt.

And before a supervisor pens a reply to this paper remember this: You can drive from one county to another and your tires will always be on gravel. For the amount of debt you buried your constituents under, yours ought to be gold plated.

It really makes me wonder who was in charge to let your counties get in such disrepair that you had to borrow all that money and how you plan on repaying it while servicing current needs.

Note to the taxpaying residents of Winnebago and Mitchell who owes $72 million to bond holders: the movie "The International" has a tag line that fits your situation. “(Bondholders) control your money. They control your government. They control your life. And everybody pays.”

Hancock County is one of those debt-free 16, and for that, I thank the supervisors.

Also when you ask a Mitchell County Supervisor about the debt he piled on you, thank him for filing a lawsuit against opioid drug makers. Thanks to him and the big law firm pushing this lawsuit, the price of drugs will go up and you will get to pay for that too.

John Johnson, Britt


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