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Mason City let's stop and wait on our next move as to what to do with our downtown till we have a new mayor, city council, and administrator. Waiting to vote and move forward, will allow open mind and fresh new perspective.

We will be stepping back to assess what we are doing. We are voting to move Music Man Square somewhere else, it was built for that, and if it's failing, why move something that's failing, if not leave it? More hotels when the hotels that we have are not at full capacity on a regular basis.

This council is closing streets, for quiet zones, because a few neighbors don't like train noise. Why did we not vote before this was done? When you move by trains, you hear trains, so why did you move there?

Quiet is good, but in an emergency, availability to get around is utmost, so comfort and money trumps that?

We moved Mason City to the other end of town - there's nothing uptown for young people to do or places to shop. You need to have this in place before you ask people to come. You need to get the entertainment, the shops, first, then move forward.

The council now seated must know something is not right, or they know they are not going the direction of the people because they're not staying. Let's step back and wait 'til we the people of Mason City have a council that listens to all of us.

I love my hometown, and I'm all for new and improved, but not for money or just for the limited. I'm excited for the new council, mayor, and city administrator, whoever you are.

Mary Smith, Mason City


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