In the Wednesday, Feb. 7 paper, they said one of the reasons the Globe Gazette paper will soon be printed in Des Moines.

On reason: can't get workers. This is the case all over retail, fast food chains. One way to help out would be for those who aren't working to work. Put people who are getting everything handed to them: food stamps, Medicaid, all meds paid for, all health insurance paid.

I'm not putting anyone down who needs help, but a lot of these people could work at something. Part-time would help a lot.

Some just don't want to work. Neither did we, but we worked until retirement.

And nothing's free. Someone is paying for all the services many say are free!

Provide day care. Give them a bus pass.

Our whole system is way out of whack. It can be fixed.

Kay Bessmer, Mason City