Letter: Put a cap on property tax revenue

Letter: Put a cap on property tax revenue

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It’s time for property tax relief for all Iowans.

High property taxes are burdensome whether someone is a homeowner, business owner or farmer. High property taxes also limit growth in communities of all sizes.

When I was running last year as a candidate for Iowa Senate District 27, property taxes was one of the concerns shared most with me by North Iowa residents. That’s why it didn’t surprise me to learn that 67.9 percent of general election voters, who responded to a survey conducted Jan. 15-17, said the Iowa Legislature should review the issue of property taxes this session.

Iowa Legislators can provide tax relief by establishing a property tax revenue cap that limits the growth of property tax revenue. Higher property tax bills –whether caused by increased assessments or higher tax rates – punish hard-working Iowans, many of whom live on strict budgets. Instead, we should encourage Iowans to reach their dreams of owning houses, land and businesses.

Let’s encourage our elected officials to help Iowa residents and communities of all sizes prosper by capping property tax revenue.

Shannon Latham, Sheffield


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