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On May 30, the Mason City Library Board served notice to the North Iowa Genealogical Society to vacate the space that they are using at the library. The Genealogical Society has been housed in the library for about four decades. I read the reason for the eviction at first was the space was to be used for youth. Now it’s my understanding the reason has changed to the library would like to rent the genealogical room space out for meeting space to the general public for additional income.

I read the July 17 financial report for the Mason City library. It reflects the total amount of meeting room fees collected at the library in fiscal year 2018 (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) was $1,315.

On Aug. 21, the North Central Iowa Genealogical Society offered to pay rent in the amount of $1,200 a year to the library. If the genealogy board rental offer is accepted by the library board, this would nearly double the annual rental income for the library.

As a former banker, that if the library doesn’t accept their offer, it would seem the eviction may be for other than financial reasons.

The library should be truthful for the reason for the eviction, not only to the genealogy club members, but to the taxpayers that have come to the library board meetings in support of leaving the genealogy room in the library. Perhaps cool heads will prevail and a compromise can be reached.

Patty Paul, Boerne, Texas

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