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As a native Mason City, a musician, community supporter, and retired orthopedic surgeon, I am pleased to report I have studied this proposal and will be voting yes and yes for the River City Renaissance Project.

I have served on the Performing Arts Pavilion Committee since 2000 with a goal of building a new performance venue for the Mason City Municipal Band. The late Al Zook, Gil Lettow, and Rich Dean also served on this committee and shared our dream.

This project provides for an indoor/outdoor stage for the municipal band by creatively reworking the plaza entrance to Southbridge. As the hometown of Meredith Willson, it's time we have a true "home" for our municipal band.

The River City Renaissance components - hotel, conference center, museum, multi-purpose arena, and indoor/outdoor stage - represent a smart investment in our community. With nearly $10 million in state funding and more than $15 million in private investment, it makes financial sense and will not increase our property taxes.

Please join me in voting yes and yes.

Dr. Darrell Fisher, Mason City


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