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First they (Big Ag) came for the chickens. We had chickens. We were told we didn't have enough eggs, so they wouldn't stop. "Get big or get out," they said. I didn't like chickens that much anyway, so we got out. I didn't do anything to help stop the control and takeover of the industry, and now they control 100 percent of eggs from the factory farms to the grocery store.

We changed the building to hogs. That didn't last long. The markets were lost, buying stations disappeared. We heard again, "Get big or get out." We moved, and the hog building was bad so we got out. I did nothing. I didn't like hogs that much either. They now control 90 percent of pork production.

At this time, I started hearing about the leaking lagoons, manure runoff, dead fish, horrible smells, weak HF519 and now the weak Matrix written by Big Ag. Tax breaks for their pits!

Then they came for me. Ten confinements within three miles in any direction from my home. Now, I have e Coli and bacteria in my well I didn't have years ago. You find you have no voice, and laws are written for Big Ag. Supervisors have no backbone. DNR is helpless and hopeless. We have become throw-away people until we say enough!

They call could take a stand, have courage, stop saying laws are weak and there is nothing they can do. Hope the throw-away people say enough! We are sick of hearing there is nothing we can do.

I have a favorite saying by a 19th century Cree Indian: Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught (died) will we realize we cannot eat money.

Gloria Goll, Klemme

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