Everyone is talking about Mexico's drugs and human trafficking, but no one is talking about Mexico's new socialist leader, economy and oil pipeline.

I am worried for the republic of the United States. No one person or party is to blame for the condition of our country. We are all to blame. Individuals and groups inside and outside of the United State that want to change this country from capitalism to socialism are very misguided. Look at socialist European countries that are failing. Socialism and "free stuff" do not work. Someone has to pay. It is so tragic that we do not act but react after all is gone. Without borders and barriers, we cannot have a sovereign country.

How many of you know what is happening right now in Venezuela and Mexico with their oil? We should be extremely concerned. We do not hear about this in the news. Mexico has a new socialist person governing their country. Their oil pipelines are being sabotaged by thieves tapping into the pipeline and stealing oil to sell on the black market.

When their economy goes down without barriers at our borders where do you think people in Mexico will be going? Oh yes, you can bet it will be the United States. As I have heard people say, we have fences to protect our loved ones inside our house not outside.

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We all need to be more vigilant and tell our government representatives they need to get busy and be working for us, not for all the specialist groups.

If common sense was so common, more people would have it. Wake up, people: we are losing our republic to socialism.

Alyce Hugeback, Hampton

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