I do not understand why one person's complaint/opinion (LeAnne Clausen seeking publicity and her name in the paper), should result in any action directed to renaming our high school's athletic teams. The Mohawks have been Mason City's mascot and team name for nearly 100 years, and now, an unorthodox pastor is claiming reason to suggest that name be changed.

I am 69 years old and have never in my lifetime heard anyone complain about the Mason City school system mascot or team name, that is unless they were just beaten by a Mohawk team in a sporting event. So now Leanne is talking to Mohawk representatives to get their take on the issue and stirring up more publicity, this time on the front page of the Globe, above the fold yet (prime space). Seems to me the pastor should be concentrating on the needs of her flock.

Despite the claim that the Mohawk Nation had "no connection to Iowa," if true, does that mean we should not be able to honor them if we choose. I say no! I appreciate, honor, and respect daily our military personnel (hero warriors) and never think about whether they are associated with my specific geographic area, because their dedication, skills, and honor are deserving of my gratitude and respect. The same is true of the Mohawk Nation and Mason City's choice to honor them since 1925.

Maybe Leanne thinks that Texans only live in Texas, or all Angels and Saints are in Los Angeles and New Orleans, or that Detroit is a natural habitat for Lions. Really, it makes no difference. The Mohawks have been at home in Mason City for nearly 100 years and should remain a fixture there for another 100 years.

Thomas Frank, Mason City