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Mason City is a town on the verge. On the verge of becoming either really great or really downtrodden. We the citizens have been presented an opportunity to start the process of making our city a more exciting place to live and to visit. The downtown River City Renaissance Project is a way for the citizens of Mason City to say yes!

Yes to: a mall full of stores instead of empty shells.

Yes to: a downtown full of a variety of dining and leisure activities.

Yes to: opportunities for local entrepreneurs to set up shops and succeed.

Yes to: generating funds for our community's benefit.

Yes to: attracting new business and commerce to the area.

Yes to: giving our downtown it's best chance to become a vibrant and bustling heart of the city!

We encourage our fellow citizens to say yes with us. We are hopeful that this project will be the first step in revitalizing our community!

Sara and Mark Barthelme, Mason City


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