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Letter: Look at all President Trump has accomplished

Letter: Look at all President Trump has accomplished

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Our president single handedly stopped the decades-long effort by liberals to legislate through the courts the unconstitutional policies that they couldn’t get through congress. The president did this by appointing many young conservative lifetime appellate judges and three SCOTUS justices. This will pay dividends for decades.

Our president rolled back the power of unelected bureaucrats so farmers wouldn’t fear the EPA dictating their land use over a seasonal mud puddle, and most importantly, allowed America to become energy independent for the first time in my lifetime.

Our president moved our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem and initiated a Middle East peace process that most said was impossible. He demands our allies pay their fair share and put our enemies on notice. Note how quiet Iran has been the past four years, and ISIS has become a non factor in terrorism.

Our president lowered taxes on everyone paying federal income tax, not just the wealthy and corporations as liberals have claimed.

Our president exposed the vast majority of the press and social media to be liberal biased shills of the Democratic Party who engage in blatant censorship of conservative viewpoints, most recently stories about the Biden Family corruption.

Pat Ropella, Mason City


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