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Why I'm voting "yes:"

If is the only way to vote if we want to avoid paying higher taxes, our homes depleting in value, to avoid more people leaving our city, especially our youth. Let's face it: after the "group" decided we didn't need a $275 million plant in this town, other manufacturing plants are not looking at Mason City for their plants. They are going to Clear Lake, Osage, Charles City. I'm sure they feel it's not worth having to jump through all of the hoops they have to go through in this town. People, wake up. This town is dying. We have to turn it around. To all you naysayers out there: don't blow this too.

I subscribe to the Eagle Grove paper, and I've talked to the mayor of Eagle Grove. The excitement is mounting. In the last issue, the headline read "Proposed hotel/motel and convention center project is moving forward." I though they were referring to us; no, it's Eagle Grove. The mayor also told me 14 new homes are completed, with more on the horizon; cold storage units being built; a new state-of-the-art cafeteria and uniform company is slated to go in the plant. So much excitement. This is a state-of-the-art facility, and it could have been ours. If this doesn't make you cringe a little, nothing will.

Getting back to the voting: I personally will not vote for anyone who was not for Prestage. If we continue on this downhill path, it's going to hurt all of us. A town dying is not where anyone wants to live. Let's not blow this - get out and vote yes!

Dorothy Hepperly, Mason City


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